Chapter Compliance

    MO Annual Registration Report (2016-08)

    Annual corporation filing with MO Secretary of State (Aug 2016)

    Certificate of Liability Insurance CNA for 2020 to 2021

    Policy Declarations for Year Jan 2020 to Jan 2021 Small Business Liability Insurance

    Chapter BOD Minutes

    CBAR 2018 19

    CBAR 2018 - 2019

    CBAR Version 8.0 Submitted by Jim Phelps to ASCM on 6 July 2019

    CBAR 2017 18




    Corporate Engagement



    PDM Presentations

    Supply Chain in Financial Management (Nov 2018)

    Presented by Mike Edwards, University of Missouri - St Louis

    The Nevco Story (Apr 2018)

    Presented by Gayla Moore, Nevco

    Trends in Global Supply Chain (Jan 2018)

    Presented by Suzanne Richer, Amber Road

    St. Louis Regional Freightway (Sep 2017)

    Presented by Mary Lamie, St. Louis Regional Freightway

    Webinar: Building A Plan for Every Part (Mar 2017)

    Presented by Kaushik Sarda & Brad Bossence, LeanCor

    Webinar: Dialing into the Supplier Network (Feb 2017)

    Presented by Jeffrey Kuhn (Caleres) and Gary Barraco & Jenny Roman (Amber Road)

    Export Missouri (Feb 2017)

    Presented by Doug Potts, Missouri International Trade & Investment Office

    Implementing a Pull System (Oct 2016)

    Presented by Jason Carter (Aerofil Technology & Jim McKinney (Aesculap)

    Emerging Trends in Global Logistics (Sep 2016)

    Presented by Frank Fischer, Pure Logistics

    A View from Wall Street (Mar 2016)

    Presented by Donald Broughton, Avondale Partners

    USAF 635th Supply Chain Operations Wing (Feb 2016)

    Presented by Lt Col Ryan Coyne, USAF

    Working in a Multi-Cultural Environment (May 2015)

    Presented by Ed Vallorani, Avanti Improvement Solutions

    Risk Management Is a Team Sport (Mar 2015)

    Presented by Eric Walworth, LexisNexis

    Better World (Nov 2014)

    Presented by Carol Clark, AB InBev

    Creating Shared Value (Nov 2014)

    Presented by Diane Herndon, Nestle Purina

    St. Louis - A Global City (Oct 2014)

    Presented by Tim Nowak, World Trade Center St. Louis

    Advances in Supply Chain Design (Sep 2014)

    Presented by Mike Detampel, LLamasoft