Identifying and Creating Demand

    The Identifying and Creating Demand (ICDM) course deals with the business processes involved in the definition of the marketplace and in selling the products the enterprise has available, or is willing to develop. These business processes include strategies and tactics that identify, define, and quantify customer wants and needs, and those that result in mutually profitable sales. This course addresses how to identify and close on customer demand so the rest of an enterprise's resources can be used effectively to deliver products and services that add value for customers.


    Through this course, you'll learn how to

    • Relate the needs of industry and individual consumers to the marketing strategy
    • Determine which products can be sold profitably in your market
    • Define the stages of product life cycles
    • Select marketing and sales strategies to use during different stages of product life
    • Identify the difference between direct and indirect competition
    • Use competitive marketing analysis to evaluate competitors
    • Understand how price, quality levels, service, and delivery performance affect a company
    • Select, develop, and nurture sales and distribution channels
    • Understand key relationships among the marketing and sales organizations, and how they integrate with the rest of the enterprise
    • Understand how sales identifies specific matches between customers and products
    • Determine techniques to effectively create and manage a sales force
    • Define critical success factors in both customer ordering and servicing processes
    • Use performance measures to analyze the effectiveness of and to take corrective actions in sales and marketing.

    Session Topics

    • Linking Customers to Business, Strategic, and Tactical Plans
    • Market Analysis, Planning, and Execution
    • Managing the Sales Effort
    • Customer Order Processing and Service
    • Effective Use of Performance Measures