Designing Products and Processes

    The Designing Products and Processes (DPPS) course examines the systems, approaches, and strategies used by an enterprise to convert a need or innovation into a product, process, or service that meets the expectations of both the enterprise and the customer. The course shows how a design strategy seeks to draw on an organization's strengths and competencies to reinforce and sustain competitive position based on providing value to the customer. This course examines the activities in the design process, which include organizing and defining the design team, determining the resources needed, identifying the work to be done and the anticipated output from the work, doing the actual work, and measuring the results.


    Through this course, you'll learn how to

    • Discuss how an organization's strategy, the target customer or market, resources, and quality drive an enterprise's requirements.
    • Explain the various strategies that influence the way products and services are designed, including technology push, market pull, product expansion, customized products, and cost.
    • Explain how a customer's perception of value influences design and how economic, sociocultural, political, and environmental issues affect the design process.
    • Identify the tools and techniques used by the design team to organize work, and describe the resources that are inputs to the design process.
    • Identify the activities of the design process and the corresponding outputs that can be delivered to internal or external customers, including work breakdown structures and prototypes.
    • Explain how a customer focus requires a new way at looking at performance measurement.
    • Explain how viability, acceptance, validation, and evaluation underlie successful design.
    • Identify the tools and techniques used to measure the effectiveness of a design and describe the goals of business process engineering.
    • Describe concurrent engineering and sequential engineering.
    • Explain how organizations can overcome obstacles to continuous improvement.

    Session Topics

    • Introduction
    • Design Requirements
    • Work Structure (Planning and Implementing a Design Project)
    • Performance Assessment of the Design Process
    • Continuous Improvement and Innovations