Delivering Products and Services

    The Delivering Products and Services (DPSS) module expands on the concept of the value-driven enterprise that was introduced in the Enterprise Concepts and Fundamentals course. The goal of this course is to examine the systems, approaches, and strategies used by an enterprise to make the transition between concept to product and between customer expectation and product delivery.


    Through this course, you'll learn how to

    • Show how the various elements of the integrated enterprise are linked together into a value cycle
    • Explain the concept of a value-driven enterprise, where value is defined by the customer
    • Identify the challenges an enterprise faces in trying to maintain balance between what the execution system can do and what the customer wants
    • Explain value in terms of a value equation and identify constraints that are placed upon the delivery system
    • Explain the concepts behind resource planning, operations, and post-sales support
    • Discuss the tools used to determine how to effectively carry out the activities involved in execution and assessment
    • Discuss the tools used to measure performance, identify and implement improvements, and measure results
    • Explain how the gap between customer requirements and an organization's capabilities must be reduced or eliminated on an ongoing basis
    • Discuss various aspects of managing continuous improvement.

    Session Topics

    • Introduction
    • Identification of the Delivery Strategy
    • Execution and Assessment
    • Continuous Improvement and Innovations